This is a fun game which may be ideal for killing some time or taking the boredom out of your system. The game is playable online and therefore as a result you won’t have to go through the burden of downloading it, installing it just so you can play. What’s more it’s free which is a great addition to the fun experience.

The game is easy to controls and has few controls for the player to memorize before the real game play begins. This is something one has to undergo with each and every game but will help to enjoy the actual game.
The game’s controls can be divided into three clusters. First of all we have the direction controls.
These are the buttons which will direct your movement in the game.
The game’s creators have made it easy for the gamer as here you will only require to use the direction keys to navigate your way in the game. These keys have arrows so it won’t take a genius to figure that out.
The second cluster consists of the primary action keys. This is basically the major action you will be performing in the game. This category has only one key – the spacebar – which is used to grab objects inside the game.
The primary action key should be used only after you eject from the wheel chair and not before that. The eject function is placed in the third and final cluster which is the secondary action keys.
This cluster consists of three keys which are to be pressed altogether at once to perform the function. We have already stated the secondary action as ejecting.
The keys to be pressed are all at one end of the keyboard and they are the control, shift and Z key. As we can see from this illustration the keys are all strategically chosen and it won’t be an impossible task to remember them.
Let us now look at the actual game play. It begins with the player choosing the character that they want to play the game using. You have to make a choice between the four characters in the game. The game is actually about the character riding a wheel chair. The wheel chair however is not your everyday wheel chair and has had some improvements done on it. There are multiple levels and these levels are basically different areas with different sceneries from each other. Not to worry the scenic view is amazing which is a plus to the player to enjoy their game play.
The player’s success in the game will depend on the player’s skill. Just because it sounds easy doesn’t mean it will be easy. But, hey we all love a challenge and that’s what the game happy wheels total jerk face is offering us. The game can be played by people of all ages and therefore you can play it with friends, younger siblings or even your parents because it’s absolutely fun and everyone around you will be sure to love it.